Sunday, January 2, 2011

International Lolita Day 2010, Winter edition

I've got a bunch of events to catch up on!

Sheesh, it feels like the summer Lolita Day just passed! But here we are, Winter lolita day has come and gone, and 2011 is upon us! Here's what I did for Lolita Day on December 4th this year:

A few of the NYC group went to see La Boheme at the Metropolitan Opera. It was fantastic! A beautiful opera with some of the most iconic songs, even people who don't know opera will recognize at least one song from La Boheme!

Me and Dalin of La Vida Frills La Vida Frills sat together in a balcony box seat. We had a slightly blocked view of the stage, but for the price(about $50) you can't beat it! And I mean La Boheme isn't the most action packed show, so we didn't miss anything that couldn't be gleaned from the words. If you want to see some opera on a budget, I very much recommend a box seat! Here's some shots of the other seats from where we were sitting(no shots of the show of course):


Hmm, what's that? Some fancy ladies? Why, it's Kelsey of I Do Declare, and Martha of Moss Garden!

I loved the opera. La Boheme is just one of those operas that defines everything I love about opera: Great storyline, a little humor, far away setting, and of course fuckin fantastic music. I really loved the lead male who performed. The way he sang his lead aria "Che Gelida Manina" was very tender and loving, almost trembling. He really put the feeling into the character, like he was truly overwhelmed by his love for Mimi.

After the opera, we met up with a bunch of lolitas at The Russian Tea Room for an amazing tea experience!


Oops! I always nibble before I remember to take a food shot!!

Kelsey, and Martha(from the back). Looks like you're enjoying that tea huh Kelsey?!


Miakoda of Key Note Craze, looking very Russian indeed!

Kelsey's happy face, and my angry one! ;)

Ahhh, my beloved Hymn jsk! This is my dream dress, and FINALLY after owning it over a year, I got to wear it in my ideal coord. I'm very much a perfectionist when it comes to my own coords, so I wouldn't post photos of me wearing it until I has perfected it to my satisfaction!

Here's the rundown:
Jumperskirt, socks: Alice and the Pirates
Cardigan, shoes: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Ribbon and rose hair corsage: made by me

The next day a small group of us went for tea again(what can we say, we love good food!!) at Rose House in the Queens Crossing Mall in Flushing. I love this place, it deserves it's own post. I got waffles and a sweet tea, but next time I'm so getting the tea that Miakoda got; Whiskey tea!!! It was fantastic! Tasty and sweet, and upon swallowing it left the delicious flavor of whiskey on your tongue without the alcohol burn. Might have to splurge and buy some to take home next time I go...

That's it for International Lolita Day 2010 Winter edition! Stay tuned for more posts, about a bed and breakfast getaway weekend, and Dances of Vice The Secret Life of Toys!