Saturday, March 19, 2011

Natural Kei

Let's talk about a style that's been setting my heart a-flutter... Natural Kei.

The best description of what Natural Kei is all about is from my dear friend Martha's blog Moss Garden. She wrote a great article called What Is Natural Kei that really explains the style wonderfully. Check out her blog, it's a natural wonderland!

Since she's explained it so well, let's just look at some of my favorite Natural Kei photos!

Here are some coordinates from the Pink House website:
This outfit rocks my damn world... that jackeeeeet ;0;

There is a long running bear obsession in PH's history!

dark green

I love moccasins with natural kei

A cute casual outfit... with mocs!

Check out more Pink House here:


  1. It's official. I really, really need some Pink House. These are so beautiful ♥

  2. Thanks for mentioning my blog, Bianca! I hope you keep wearing natural kei because you look amazing in it :33